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CAD-KAS PDF Editor review

PDF Editor has been reviewed by

A few years ago I ran into a little problem. I had written and developed an introductory user guide form my online publishing service, Some years had passed and I needed to update the user guide, but the original Microsoft Word DOC file was nowhere to be found. All I had was the PDF version.

This created an enormous problem for me because I needed to add text and screen captures and links. Tried as I could, there was no easy way to modify the PDF file even with Adobe Acrobat. I wound up having to find a tool to extract all the text and pictures and then rebuild the file in Microsoft Word. It took forever. I frequently hear from others who are stuck in the same boat -- they have the PDF but not their original source file, and they don't know how to edit their PDF file. Luckily PDF Editor Pro has everything you could possibly need to edit and modify any PDF file.

Now I have to be honest with you, when you look under the cover of PDF Editor Pro, you find an easy-to-use tabbed interface, but there are a ton of options -- I can't possibly cover them all here, but suffice to say there is relatively nothing this tool can not do!

To get started you browse to the PDF file you want to open, click and there it is. You click on the object you want to edit -- picture, text, table, form, link -- whatever it is -- and it highlights. Then you can right click to bring up an option menu and start editing no matter what the object may be.

PDF Editor Pro has a built-in graphics editor. This means you don't need to switch between multiple tools to modify embedded graphical objects. Just click and start editing. It's a good little editor.

If you need to edit embedded text, just click and start typing. It's that easy! You can insert new text, changes fonts, spacing, paragraphs, etc. It's just like using Microsoft Word or any popular text editor. Very simple to use and very quick. You can change or edit your table of contents, your captions, your fonts, your headings, your bookmarks. PDF Editor Pro does it all!

You can also encrypt the PDF and use or modify passwords and change any and all security settings. This can be a life saver when you need to release a new version of an older product and want to use new passwords.

PDF Editor Pro comes in different versions and packages at varying prices and with different feature sets. You can add and edit form fields. You can add comments, annotations and stamps. You can merge PDF files into one new file or split content into multiple files. You can export the contents to Word. You can translate PDF files into other languages! Yikes. That's a lot of power!

If you regularly work with PDF files, then PDF Editor Pro has all the features and flexibility that you need, and they are all under one roof.

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