PDF Editor 2.26


PDF Editor 2.26 is an excellent extra for any computer system. Convenient to use and extremely easy to figure out; thereís nothing to it! Add or remove text from your PFDF files quickly and efficiently. Not only can you add or delete words, and quickly fix spelling errors, you have the ability to, with this new 2.26 version, edit, add, or delete any pictures or vector graphics as well as change the font type of your text! The software has 11 new tools, an upgrade from the 2.0 version of the product. Page order, hiding information, stamping, and page size are just a few of the novel new ideas administered through the new version. Some might find it handy to have the option of editing PDF pageís source codes or reading and writing encrypted pdf files.

The interface is friendly and the user even has the option of changing the menu style. The Installation was painless and extremely fast, as the file is compact and takes up little space for what it is. The tabs along the top of the program window are extremely self explanatory and take zero time to figure out. A child could figure out how to insert a new picture into the PDF file; thatís not to say the program isnít of high quality, it is of great worth to any software user. Over all a very opportune software package recommended to all!

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