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Simply find the software you searched for - more than 200 programs developed by us.
Find more than 200 programs developed by us.

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Add to the basket for $19.99 US dollars  

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Word Processor 1.0 (~1252 Kb) $19.99

If you need a small but full featured word processor with PDF export you should try this one. This one fits to every USB stick. You can use all high-end features like:
  • text boxes
  • pictures
  • drawing objects
  • tables
  • spell checker
  • form letter functions with data base connection etc.
  • PDF export
  • Fits on an USB stick (1 MB)
  • DOC/RTF import

The program uses its own file format .woc but you can import .doc and .rtf files as well. This program has an integrated one click PDF export function.

If you need to fill out paper forms you need our Easy-Form-Printery.

If you want to edit pdf files you use our PDF Editor.

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